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979-0-57036-215-8 Signals – Score Available at MusicRoom Buy now (£12.95)


Part of the Signals collection

New British music for solo oboe, aimed at university and conservatoire-level students and professionals.
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The piece is called As Dreams Begin, a phrase from the poem 'Homeward Bound' by Moazzam Begg, in Poems from Guantanamo edited by Marc Falkoff (Iowa, 2007).

The work is about how a solo line can magically fill 'space' to give a sense of journeying beyond or outside physical limitations. This idea can be further expanded in performance through the optional use of a classic electronic technique, the delay effect. As the soloist plays, a recent segment of the sound picked up by a microphone is relayed and played against the new material that the soloist has gone on to play.

Only available in the oboe anthology Signals.


9 minutes
1 Oboe
Composition date


20 November 2010

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York

Melinda Maxwell