The UYMP office is open for limited hours, during the summer of 2021. You can still obtain music from our catalogue in the usual way, from, and hire from our agent Wise Music Classical. Please contact UYMP composers directly, via their own websites, if you have any queries.

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Before I fall asleep, the city, again…

for flute, viola and harp

David Lancaster 2021

Right Away

for solo piano

Frederick Viner 2021

Against the Shadows II

for bass clarinet and piano

John Stringer December 2020

Awakening Night

for flute, viola and harp

John Stringer December 2020


for solo harp

Robert Saxton October 2020

Something she'd like

for solo piano

Frederick Viner October 2020 the air...


Sadie Harrison 2020

Albanian Folk Song 'Moj e Bukura Moré' (My Beautiful Morea) (violin and piano version)

for violin and piano

Thomas Simaku 2020


for violin, clarinet and piano

Luís Tinoco 2020

Berceuse for a baby

for solo organ

Robert Saxton 2020

Juegos prohibidos

Commissioned by Vincent Dominguez in 2019

Hilda Paredes 2020


for percussion, piano and double bass

Hilda Paredes 2020