Review warmly recounts Late Music's 'Anthony Gilbert Celebration Concert'

A concert dedicated to the celebration of the life and work of Anthony Gilbert took place on 2nd December 2023 at York Late Music. UYMP would now like to share some extracts from Paul Conway's recent account of the recital in Musical Opinion magazine. The programme featured five of Anthony Gilbert's works, alongside music by Nicola LeFanu, David Lumsdaine, David Lancaster, and other Yorkshire-based composers. Performers Jonathan Sage (clarinet), Nina Kümin (violin), and Kate Ledger (piano) gave what was described in the review as "a sequence of compact and heartfelt tributes".

Excellent review of Nicholson’s ‘Spindrift’, performed by Madeleine Mitchell

George Nicholson’s work Spindrift was performed by Madeleine Mitchell, in St Andrew’s Church, Sheffield, on 25 November, and it has received a glowing review from Paul Conway. Conway describes the concert as a highlight of the St Andrew’s Music Festival and he writes: ‘Madeleine Mitchell then took centre stage to play George Nicholson’s Spindrift, a substantial piece for solo violin in seven interrelated, but stylistically diverse movements, the last three of which were receiving their first public performance, according to the programme note. Taking its title from sea spray, Spindrift was written for Madeleine Mitchell between Autumn 2021 the end of 2022 and the music suited admirably the violinist’s impressively broad expressive range, from intimate musing to bold, sweeping gestures.

Lancaster's 'Canzone Sospesa' selected by Art Music Society of Washington for 2024-25 season

UYMP is proud to announce that David Lancaster’s recently published Canzone Sospesa for cello and piano, which received a premiere in Milan last November, has been selected for inclusion in the 2024-25 chamber music season of concerts by the Art Music Society of Washington DC. As well as mentoring young musicians and educators, the Art Music Society’s mission is ‘to dispel the notion that art music is elitist and exclusive to enjoy for those who possess the means to appreciate it'. The society states: 'By creating a community that includes professionals (both aspiring and established), amateur musicians, and music enthusiasts, we aim at connecting everyone that shares a passion for our art'.

Glowing Review for Sadie Harrison and 'The Frederick Septimus Kelly Project'

UYMP was delighted to read Paul Conway's glowing review of The Frederick Septimus Kelly Project in Musical Opinion magazine this month. The disc includes music by Kelly alongside movements from a new work by Sadie Harrison, written in tribute to the composer. The reviewer notes that "Harrison’s heartfelt homage acknowledges the tragedy of [Kelly's] loss to family and friends, as well as to the musical world, yet she also celebrates his personality and creativity". The "sensitive approach" captured in Alex Wilson's piano playing is also highlighted, with ample justice done to the "virtuosic, crowd-pleasing writing" contained in the works. Harrison's contributions are described as "charming", "compassionate" and "profoundly considered" homages. The review finishes by drawing attention to a resulting "vivid overarching narrative that constantly sheds new light upon itself".

25 April 2024

Emily Pedder-Laws (piano) performs 'Idyll: The World Within' from 'The Book of Storms and Mists', at the Cambridge Competitive Music Festival Prize-Giving Ceremony

6:45 PM
Atrium Hall, Chesterton College, Cambridge
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