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A Child's Grace

for oboe, voice and harp

David Lumsdaine 2023

The Farmstead

for voice and two cellos

Elisabeth Lutyens 2023

Codice de adivinanzas

speaker and viola

Hilda Paredes 2017

Papalote (treble and violin)

treble voice and violin

Hilda Paredes 2017

The Murder

clarinet/voice, marimba/voice, cello/voice

Sadie Harrison 2017

L'oracle de Nicosia

soprano and double bass

Evis Sammoutis 2016

Signs of Occupation

clarinet in Bb and speaking voice

James Weeks 2016

Death and the Lady

voice, clarinet and cello

Martin Scheuregger 2015

La tierra de la miel

soprano, percussion, guitar and piano

Hilda Paredes 2015

Against That Time... Against My Love

mezzo-soprano, viola and piano

Ed Hughes 2014

Come Away

soprano, piano, violin and cello

James Weeks 2014

Toward the Rainbow

soprano and tenor recorder(=treble and bass recorders)

George Nicholson 2014