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for violin, horn and piano

Hilda Paredes 2023

Piano Trio

for violin, violoncello, and piano

This work will be available soon.

George Nicholson 2023

Piano Trio: Hiraeth

for violin, violoncello and piano

David Lancaster 2022

Songs of the Golden Path

for violin, cello, and piano

Sadie Harrison 2022

Fantasy Pieces

for piano trio

Robert Saxton 2020

Albanian Folk Song 'Moj e Bukura Moré' (My Beautiful Morea) (violin, cello and piano version)

for piano trio

Thomas Simaku 2018

Three Trios

piano trio with 1-3 portable PA systems

James Weeks 2013

Honey Celebration

piano trio

James Weeks 2012

Alegoria Tri-partita

violin, cello and piano

Hilda Paredes 2008

Holy Love

piano trio

Anne Boyd 2008


clarinet, piano and cello

Nigel Osborne 2007


piano trio

Paul Mealor 2005