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Hell's Bells Bagatelles

for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

David Lancaster 2022


woodwind quartet 

David Lancaster 2019


saxophone quartet

David Lancaster 2019

ærc quartets

any four bowed string instruments

aerc quartets

James Weeks 2019

Prolegomenary Verses

saxophone (baritone, alto), tuba, percussion (bass drum, vibraphone), and piano

Jo Kondo 2018

Espacios Intemporales

saxophone quartet

Hilda Paredes 2017

Little Prelude for John McCabe

treble recorder, clarinet in Bb, viola and piano

[This work will be available after its premiere.]

Robert Saxton 2016

Deux Hommages

saxophone quartet

Thomas Simaku 2014

Looping Busker Music

clarinet, accordion, guitar, violin (all amplified) and tape

James Weeks 2014


1-4 pianos

James Weeks 2014

Short Cuts (e)

clarinet quartet

Luís Tinoco 2014

The Nunhead Harmony

clarinet, violin, viola and double bass

James Weeks 2014