Sadie Harrison’s ' infinitum....' for multi-tracked violins released on CD

We are delighted that house composer Sadie Harrison’s new work for multi-tracked violins infinitum.... (Four songs and dances for violins) has been released on the Prima Facie CD 'CUCKOO: Seven New works for Violin', performed by Steve Bingham. Steve commissioned the work especially for the solo album alongside music by Steve CrowtherColin RileySimon SpeareRowan AlfredWayne Siegel and Kevin Flanagan.

Sadie writes: infinitum.... four medieval songs and dances for violins

The Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (Red Book of Montserrat) is a devotional collection of Catalan, Occitan and Latin texts including several late medieval songs, written ‘Because the pilgrims wish to sing and dance while they keep their watch at night in the church of the Blessed Mary of Montserrat’ (anonymous compiler). It was a total joy to rework these songs and dances especially for Steve.

I / IV  Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus

We hurry towards death, let us desist from sin. I have resolved to write about the contempt of the world, that the living should not spend their time in vain things. Now is the hour to rise from the evil sleep of death. 

II  Stella splendens in monte

Splendid star on the jagged mountain, with miracles shining like a sunbeam, hear the people.  From all around they rally, rejoicing, rich and poor, young and old. 

III  Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa 

Empress of the joyous city of paradise, eternally happy, purified of sin, abounding in virtues, the beautiful Virgin with an angelic face, because you are so beloved of God, have pity on the faithful, pious one, praying  for them to the celestial king.


The official release date is 9th February, and the album, which is on the Prima Facie label, will be available from their website and on all major streaming platforms. You may "pre-save" the album on the platform of your choice by using this link: Digital or physical copies may also be pre-ordered now, via Sadie’s Bandcamp site:  .