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Hilda Paredes Selected for Wigmore Hall Lockdown Commissions Scheme

In exciting news, Hilda Paredes is one of sixteen composers selected by Wigmore Hall, as part of their Lockdown Commissions Scheme. This is the largest ever one-off commissioning scheme in the history of the hall, completing its 120th anniversary celebrations.

Competition was tough, with over 700 applications received. Hilda (and the other fifteen composers, none of whom have previously been commissioned by Wigmore Hall) is now tasked with writing new music that reflects on her individual experience of lockdown. These new works will be premiered at the hall over the next four years.

In their press release, Wigmore Hall’s Director, John Gilhooly, said:

“The ‘Lockdown Commissions Scheme’ is the largest single initiative Wigmore Hall has ever undertaken to find new voices, and a fitting way to celebrate an important anniversary as we look to the future. It has been a great joy to hear new music of such quality and invention from such diverse talents across the globe. I am looking forward to programming the premieres with these new friends."

The 16 winning composers are:

Patricia Alessandrini

Francesco Antonioni (49, Italian)

Katherine Balch (29, American)

Nicholas Bentz (27, American)

Jocelyn Campbell (30, British)

Alexander Campkin (36, British)

Tom Coult (32, British)

Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade (32, British)

Lawrence Dunn (30, British)

Samantha Fernando (36, British)

Thomas Gibbs (26, British)

Stewart Goodyear (43, Canadian)

Hilda Paredes (63, British/Mexican)

Alex Paxton (30, British)

Shruthi Rajasekar (24, American)

Alex Tay (26, British)


We look forward to hearing all of the works produced!