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Sadie Harrison’s 'The Love Affair' premieres at RAM’s 200 PIECES Bicentenary Celebrations

We are very pleased that violinist Sophie Hinson is premiering Sadie’s The Love Affair for singing instrumentalist’ (2020) on 2 June, commissioned as part of the Royal Academy of Music's 200 PIECES - celebrating the Bicentenary of the RAM in 2022. 

Sadie writes: 'This short piece was written during September-October 2020, commenced and abandoned several times during the UK Covid-19 lockdown period. Inevitably, perhaps, it is a reflection of the times - a performer and their instrument in isolated togetherness: a love letter from one to the other.

'The Love Affair has been written to accommodate a number of different high and low pitched instruments - for example, the treble version playable on violin or viola, the bass version on cello or double bass and both on an array of pitched percussion, keyboard, or harp. Whilst the overall mood of The Love Affair should be intimate and understated, performers are free to interpret the instrumental line according to particular technical characteristics (eg. the harmonics as suggested for strings and harp, or tremolos on percussion, use of pedal (or not) - thus the performer writes the love letter in their own voice.’

The work will be live streamed on