The UYMP office is open for limited hours, during the summer of 2021. You can still obtain music from our catalogue in the usual way, from, and hire from our agent Wise Music Classical. Please contact UYMP composers directly, via their own websites, if you have any queries.


Helen Papaioannou is a composer/performer based in Sheffield. She composes for acoustic instruments and electronics and has a fascination with gameplay and the dynamics of group interaction. Her solo project Kar Pouzi intertwines baritone saxophone and electronics, often drawing out intensity from drones and incessant repetitions. Helen’s compositions have been performed by various musicians and ensembles including Ensemble neoN, Xenia Pestova Bennett/Pascal Meyer, Workers Union Ensemble, Galvanize Ensemble, Renzo Spiteri/Michael Speers, and Nieuw Ensemble. She improvises with a range of collaborators, is a member of the duo Garlic Hug and has played as one third of the bands Beauty Pageant and HOKKETT.