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Andrés Gomis, Ángel Soria, Alberto Chavez, Josetxo Silguero (saxophones)


The saxophone quartet SIGMA Project is based in Madrid. One of their key goals is to create and promote a broad and diverse repertoire.

The quartet came to Mexico for the first time in November 2012. Over the course of the following ten years, it has developed and premiered fifteen pieces by Mexican composers. The five scores recorded here are among them. They have been selected because they represent a wide range of generations and musical aesthetics. 

Composed by Arturo Fuentes, Víctor Ibarra, Hilda Paredes, Javier Torres Maldonado and Hebert Vázquez, these works were written for, dedicated to, and premiered by SIGMA Project in different concerts and festivals. SIGMA Project strongly collaborated with all of them, testing out their sound materials, making suggestions, and offering their own solutions and new sonorities. 

This is the first time that these five Mexican composers wrote for saxophone quartet. 

In 2015, the great Mexican composer Mario Lavista poetically defined SIGMA Project with the following words: “Attending a SIGMA Project concert means embarking on a musical journey of ceaseless joy and wonder. It also means participating in a sort of celebration of a new virtuosity. … SIGMA Project brings an agile and winged virtuosity to life.“