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Ηχοπραξία – Echopraxia is a Greek word consisting of the words echo (sound) and praxis (action).

It is a neurological disorder where one involuntarily repeats or imitates the movements and actions of another and instead of giving answers to a question one repeats the question meaninglessly. A musical representation of this is very fascinating as inevitably in this context antecedents become far more important that consequents. Music largely depends on aspects of tension and release in all its components: pitch (consonance – dissonance), rhythm (complex ratios – simple ratios/unison) and timbre (in this work predominantly light bow pressure and heavy, distorted pressure). Consequently here, tension is released not gradually but abruptly. This is frequently achieved through silence, which is at times perceived as continuation of the musical material (if the sound is consonant), or as a disruption of the material (if the sound is more dissonant).

Finally, Echopraxia served as the means to construct the formal profile of the work, with a series of developing variations, inevitably influencing the choice of texture. This is primarily shaped through imitation and heterophony.


15 minutes

Ensemble Modern, PASYDY Auditorium, Nicosia, Cyprus, 19th May 2006

2 Violin, 2 Viola, 2 Violoncello
Composition date


19 April 2013

Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York

Momenta Quartet