The UYMP office is open for limited hours, during the summer of 2021. You can still obtain music from our catalogue in the usual way, from, and hire from our agent Wise Music Classical. Please contact UYMP composers directly, via their own websites, if you have any queries.

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For nine instruments

Jo Kondo 2021


strings (minimum

Ed Hughes 2019



Ed Hughes 2018

Venetian Sky

large number of performers, singing or playing

James Weeks 2018


large number of performers, singing or/and playing

James Weeks 2017

Three Pieces for Strings

any number of orchestral string instruments (at least 16)

James Weeks 2017

Miles away

concerto for solo trumpet and large ensemble

Hilda Paredes 2016

Night Music

solo piano, flexibly scored ensemble and live electronics

Ed Hughes 2015

Variations (triskelion)

8 instruments

Jo Kondo 2015



Hilda Paredes 2014

New Day

solo piano and ensemble

James Weeks 2014

Olympic Frieze

any number of pitched instruments (at least 12)

James Weeks 2014