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Gulistan-e-Nur (The Rosegarden of Light): Three Interludes

mixed youth/amateur ensemble

Sadie Harrison 2015

Fire-clouds over Százhalombatta

piano duet (1 piano 4 hands)

This score includes two versions:

1: Piano 1 for Teacher/more advanced, Piano 2 for Pupil/Grade 2-3

2: Piano 1 for Teacher/more advanced, Piano 

Sadie Harrison 2014

Os Passeios do Sonhador Solitário (Journeys of a Solitary Dreamer)

speaker, soprano, children's voices and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2011


childrensʹ choir, SATB choir and jazz orchestra

Nigel Osborne 2009


harp and guitar

Jo Kondo 2006

U-Go for Arirang

three treble lines in C/Bb and drum/s

Anthony Gilbert 2006

People Pieces

solo piano (for beginner and intermediate students)

Anthony Gilbert 2005

Bell Music for St. Casimir

clarinet and piano

Sadie Harrison 2004

Ring the Bells of St. Leonards (A festive processional)

children's choir and ensemble

Sadie Harrison 2004

Dreams for the Earth

Youth Cantata for solo voices, 2 children's choirs, SATB chorus and chamber choir, 12 trumpets, 3 solo amplified violins, solo piano, organ, handbells and orchestra

Anne Boyd 2001

Four Seasons for Josca's

variable school ensemble

Anthony Gilbert 2001

The Beginning of the Day (children's opera)

children's voices, percussion and piano

Anne Boyd 1998