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Two of Luìs Tinoco’s CDs reviewed in Percorsi Musicale

Ettore Garzia thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Blue Voice of Water’ (an orchestral collection), and ‘Archipelago’ (for percussion ensemble), and had plenty of thoughts to share on both.

Garzia gave a very warm reception to all of the orchestral works on The Blue Voice of Water. He enjoyed the ‘fluctuating, poetic qualities’ of Tinoco’s music, and described it as ‘classical music hidden behind a veil of "continentality"; much of what is heard seems to remain in suspension, as in the beautiful adventures that animated a lot of Northern European symphonies.’ He goes on to suggest that ‘in all cases, Tinoco is looking for the soul of the sound, conjuring images of light and strength, of experiences of escape.’

Of the seven works that feature on Archipelago, Garzia particularly enjoyed ‘Steel Factory’ - ‘Steel Factory is a piece for steel drums, that celebrates the instruments’  ability to connect  magnificent lulling effects with subtle and mechanical timbres.’ Tinoco adds bongos and aluminium pipes, creating a percussive masterpiece full of sonic directions.’ More generally, Garzia was impressed by the way that ‘Tinoco and the percussionists descend into an arena of sensation, with particular attention to the instrumental arrangement and production.’


The Blue Voice of Water and Archipelago are both available now ,on Odradek records.


N.B. All quotations are translated from the original Italian