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‘Something she’d like’ – Viner’s tribute to his Grandmother

Frederick Viner’s delightful little new piano work Something she’d like, which Viner has written during the second ‘Lockdown’ for his late Grandmother, has been performed by celebrated artist and pianist Paul Barton on YouTube .  Barton gives an introduction to the piece.  He quotes Viner’s words: ‘My Grandmother Helen passed away about a year ago and was always very supportive of me and my various musical pursuits.  Sinding’s ‘Rustle of Spring’ was her favourite piece of music.  During England’s second national lockdown it suddenly occurred to me to write a piece that I hope she might have enjoyed......   

....  Obviously I sort of regret now that I never thought to do this during her lifetime. …. The main theme is constantly reaching up and yearning for something, lending the music a nostalgic feel.’  The piece is also written for Viner’s Mother, as she plays the piano.